Vattavada – Farming Paradise of Kerala

Have you ever heard the name of Vattavada, which is the small village in Kerala? It is a very small hill station which is known as a farming Paradise of Kerala.

If you are tired searching for more details regarding Vattavada, in this article we will help you in resolving your query and provide all the days related to this small hill station in Kerala.

This article will provide all the details regarding the best time to visit Vattavada, and the way to reach this beautiful place.

We will also help you in gaining some more knowledge regarding the tourist spots nearby Vattavada hill station.

What is Vattavada?

In every hill station, there are various surrounding villages which are also good hill stations but they are less famous.

In Kerala also you can find lots of small hill stations that are not much explored by foreign tourists and hence not that much famous as Munnar or Wayanad.

Such hill stations are the favorite destination spots for those who want to experience serenity and calmness of hills.

There is a small hill station called Vattavada which is also known as the agricultural Paradise of Kerala and famous for growing fruits and vegetables like strawberries carrots garlic etc.

This place is not only famous for its agricultural lands but it also provides an immense experience of beautiful scenic views of hills and dense forest surrounding this hill station.

Best season to explore Vattavada hill station

In this place, the climate is always pleasant that makes your experience more wonderful of exploring the various scenic beauty of these hill stations.

Therefore if you are planning to visit Vattavada with your family or friends, you are free to plan your trip in any month of the year.

But if you want to enjoy the most of this place, we always recommend you visit between September and April.

During these months you may encounter lots of tourists visiting this place that makes this place more happening and enjoyable.

Winter season during this period also makes you happy as you may feel the fog and mist in the climate.

Tourist spots in Vattavada

This place is known for its greenery, beautiful views and wildlife sanctuaries.

This small hill station is located at a distance of approximately 35 kilometers from Munnar and due to the huge export of vegetables and fruits like strawberries, plums, orange, garlic, etc., this place is called vegetable land of Kerala.

People visiting this beautiful place can enjoy viewing the agricultural land and farms growing diverse vegetables and fruits.

As this hill station is less commercial then nearby station Munnar, therefore, fewer tourists are visible in the hill station.

Due to the visibility of fewer crowd people visiting this place can view some flora and fauna in the dense forest surrounding this place.

Vattavada is also a favorite destination spot of vacation for those who want to know the hidden culture of Kerala.

Various wildlife sanctuaries are surrounding this place which is the inhabitant for various wild animals and birds.

Some of the wildlife sanctuaries nearby this place is shola century, kurinjimala wildlife sanctuary, etc.

Ways to reach Vattavada hill station

Ways to reach Vattavada

After planning a complete trip to Vattavada, the next important thing to plan is the way to travel to this small hill station.

There are three modes of transport that you can use to reach this beautiful hill station on a vacation with your friends or family.

Out of the three modes of transport you can choose according to your choice based on the trip budget and convenience of your family.

By air

The first mode of transport to reach Vattavada is by taking a flight from any airport in India to Kochi international airport.

From Kochi international airport which is located at a distance of approximately 160 kilometers, you can take a prepaid taxi from the airport or travel via bus to Munnar and once you reach Munnar you can take a taxi to cover 35 kilometers between Munnar and this beautiful place.

By rail

If you don’t prefer to travel via flight, the other mode of transport you can opt for is via rail. You can board the train from any railway station across India to the Aluva railway station.

Once you reach Aluva, you can take a prepaid taxi to reach this place which is located at a distance of approximately 170 kilometers.

Similarly, you can also take a bus that is a budget-friendly mode of transport from Aluva to Vattavada.

By road

If you are currently located at any station which is near to Vattavada, you can also plan your trip via car.

From any city of Kerala, you can easily drive your car to reach this place with your friends or family


Where is Vattavada located in Kerala?

Vattavada is a small village which is located in the Idukki district of Kerala and famous for growing various fruits and vegetables in its agricultural lands.

What is the distance between Munnar and Vattavada by road?

If you are currently in Munnar and want to travel Vattavada by car, you may have to travel a distance of approximately 35 km which can take around 45 minutes to 1 hour by car.

What are the different ways to reach Vattavada village?

If you want to reach the Vattavada Village of Kerala with your friends or family you can opt for any of the three ways of transport that are by road, rail, flight based on your convenience and budget of the trip.

What are the best tourist spots in Vattavada?

kurinjimala wildlife sanctuary vattavada munnar

Located at a distance of 35 km from Munnar, this village is also famous for various beautiful tourist spots like the top station, Shola National park, kurinjimala sanctuary, etc.

How many days are enough to visit Vattavada hill station for vacation?

If you are traveling to Munnar during your vacations, you can keep one day and reserved for visiting Vattavada hill station

Final Verdict for Vattavada – Farming Paradise of Kerala

Vattavada is a small hill station near Munnar which is also known as farming Paradise of Kerala and a beautiful place to visit once in your lifetime.

In this article, we have provided complete details regarding the tourist spots of this beautiful place, its locations and different ways to reach this tourist destination. Kindly mention in the comment section provided below if the details provided above help plan your vacation trip!

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