Top Station Munnar – Complete Tourism Guide 2020

The region of south India has always been a favourite vacation spot for the tourists not only from the different states of India but from all around the world.

People like to visit the south Indian states because of their exotic cuisine, the variety of flora and fauna, the tradition being followed from various centuries and the rich and lively culture of the states.  

One such state is the state of Kerala which have many cities rich in terms of culture and tourist destinations.

In this article, we will be covering the city of Munnar, which is a city located in the state of Kerala near the Idukki district close to the Tamil Nadu and Kerala state border.

Please stay with us till the end of the article to get detailed insights about the Top Station Munnar, its entry fees, timing and the best time to visit this place throughout the year.

Munnar Know-How and Location

Munnar, which is also known as the god’s paradise is a wonderful place located in the Idukki district of the state of Kerala.

Various viewpoints, waterfalls, caves, tea gardens, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, rivers, dams and other sightseeing places are located in this town.

The nearest airport to this town is the Cochin international airport which is around 117 kilometres away from the main town of Munnar.

The city of Munnar is well connected with the nearby towns and states by the means of local transport like buses, cabs, taxies and autos.

Various beautiful resorts which range from pocket-friendly prices to ultra-luxury hotels are available for the tourist to stay in this wonderful place.

One of the most commonly visited place by the tourists is the Top station Munnar.

Top Station Munnar Location

top station munnar location

The Top station is located in the very famous Kannan Devan hills in the city of Munnar. The places are surrounded by lush green trees on one side and the very beautiful and mesmerizing Western Ghats on the other side.

The Top Station Munnar is located at an altitude of around 1928 meters from the mean sea level. The distance of Top station from the main city of Munnar is around 18 kilometers.

One can easily find cabs and taxies in this area for going to various places from Top station.

Places to Visit Near Top Station

Many places are available near Top station where one can go and spend their day. The best and the most frequently visited places are listed below with their entry timings, entry fees and also the features which they offer to the tourists.

  • Kurinjimala Sanctuary
kurinjimala munnar kerala india

The wonderful wildlife sanctuary of Kurinjimala is located around 28 kilometers from the main town of Munnar.

This wildlife sanctuary is home to various types of animals and plants along with thousands of varieties of insects.

This region was declared a wildlife sanctuary in the year 2006 by the forest department of India as a variety of endangered plants and animals were sheltered over here.

This beautiful sanctuary is spread over a wider area of nearly about 34 kilometres square and includes a various variety of pine trees, oak trees and the very special blue coloured Neelakurinji flowers which are famous all around the world for their blooming cycle.

The entry fees of this park are somewhere around Rupees 1/- per person.

  • Kundala Valley
kundala valley munnar kerala india

The Kundala valley is the topmost point located in the region of Top Station Munnar. The railway station which was once present here was used to transport freshly prepared tea packets down to the main city.

Sometimes, when the clouds are present in the region, the tourists can touch them with their hands as they are above the level of clouds.

With the help of a rope way, the transportation of tea and the tourists is done in this place.

  • Neelakurinji Flowers Belt
neelakurinji munnar kerala india

The Neelakurinji are special flowers that are found in various regions of Top Station Munnar. These special flowers are dark blue and purple and cover the majority of the portions of this region.

These flowers are found only in this particular region which makes them a major reason for tourist attraction not only from different states of India but from all around the world.

The major feature of these flowers is that they bloom once in 12 years. They produce a lot of seeds during the blooming so that their population is not wiped out till the next blooming date.

The next bloom of these famous flowers can be seen somewhere in the year 2030.

Ratings and Reviews of Top Station Munnar

general rating of top station munnar kerala india

The ratings and the reviews given by the people who have already visited the top station in Munnar are above average. The facilities which are available along with the variety of food is quite good.

The languages which are spoken there along with the facility of accommodating both the couples and the families are awesome.

Given below is a picture which gives an average rating of more than 700 people who visited this beautiful place.

Best Time for the Tourists to Visit Top Station

sunrise munnar kerala india

The best time for the tourists to visit this wonderful place as suggested by the local people and the tourism department of Kerala in April and May every year.

These two months see the peak in the number of tourists because the weather during this time is very pleasant and also the beautiful flora and fauna can be easily spotted and enjoyed this time.


Question 1: What is the best time in the year to visit the Top station in the city of Munnar?

Solution 1: The best time in the year to visit the top station present in the city of Munnar in Kerala is in April and May.

Question 2: Can we take some Neelakurinji flowers with us from a top station in Munnar?

Solution 2: Yes, you can take some of the Neelakurinji flowers available in the vicinity of Top Station but they only bloom once in 12 years which should always be kept in the mind by the tourist.


In this article, we have tried to cover all the sightseeing places available in the Top station Munnar.

We have also covered the various aspects related to the location and the best time to visit from the tourist point of view.

We hope that you would have liked the article. Keep reading and always stay at the TOP STATION.

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