Top 10 Tourist Places Near Me in Munnar [Updated 2020]

While Kerala itself is known for its supernatural magnificence, Munnar in the Idukki area is acclaimed as one of the most alluring hill stations in God’s Own Country.

Situated in the Western Ghats at a transcending height of 6,000ft, this grand hill station is a genuine heaven for explorers from varying backgrounds.

Enamoring slopes and mountains, evergreen manor zones, rich greeneries, a variety of activities and spots to visit in Munnar, makes this slope station a perfect occasion goal.

Regardless of which season it is, or with whom you are intending to visit Munnar, its entrancing magnificence will keep you captivated without a doubt.

People often search out for tourist places near me to find those best spots.

What’s more, to make your vacation progressively fun-skip and noteworthy, here is a rundown of 10 most amazing spots to visit in Munnar.

Matupetty Dam tourist places near me in Munnar
Matupetty Dam
              Matupetty DamOne of the significant vacation destinations in Munnar. This water repository in the Idukki district is situated around 1km from the center of the bus stand. Concealed amid transcending slopes and mountains, it fills in as an essential wellspring of hydroelectricity in the district. Attributable to the accessibility of water around this solid gravity dam, an unusual scope of vegetation flourishes around it. One of the best tourist places near me in Munnar.
Photo Point tourist places near me in Munnar
Photo Point Munnar
              Photo Point MunnarPhotograph Point is this beautiful site perched on the low moving inclines and undulating fields of Nilgiris in Munnar. In the scenery of the stretches of tea gardens run of the mill to this area of the nation, this point fills in as a magnificent photographic chance; as it is obvious from the name itself. Numerous individuals decide not to stop right now there isn’t a lot to see here. However, once you get off the vehicle and look around, the dazzling environment will take you in like their own.
Atukkada Waterfalls Munnar
Atukkada Waterfalls Munnar
        Attukada WaterfallsSettled 2 km away from Munnar amid lovely slopes and rich green wildernesses, this immaculate cascade makes for sentimental ventures and picnics site. Be that as it may, the way to Atukkada is exceptionally thin and needs a great deal of understanding to drive on. The beauty of this place includes it while searching for tourist places near me.
          KDHP Museum MunnarIt is situated in the Nallathanni Estate of Tata Tea around 3 km from Munnar. This place offers a lot of antique stuff to be admired. A 30-minute narrative element by the gallery will take you through a recorded visit of the spot. Guests at that point continue to the production line to see how tea is prepared.
Pothamedu View point tourist places near me in Munnar
Pothamedu View point
            Pothamedu View Point MunnarPothamedu View Point, arranged 5.5 km off Munnar, is enhanced with extending slopes and rich green mountains. One can observe the dynamite wide perspectives on tea, espresso, and cardamom ranches of the territory. It is a perfect spot to observe wonderful dawns and dusks. Idukki Arch Dam which is around 58 km away is noticeable from this perspective on a nice morning
                Eravikulam National ParkFound a 45 – minute drive away from Munnar, the Eravikulam National Park houses a rich and differing assortment of widely varied vegetation and is a UNESCO world legacy site.   The Eravikulam National park is well known for lodging the endangered mountain goat of South India, the Nilgiri Tahr. The inclines of the slopes are home to numerous sorts of uncommon plants and trees some of which are epiphytic orchids and delightful wild ambers. The significant animals here are the Nilgiri Tahr, Nilgiri Langur, panther, tiger, Indian buffalo, and so on.
            Kundala Dam and Lake MunnarArranged in the laps of lavish wilderness are Kundala Dam and Lake laying 21 km off Munnar. This curve dam is well known for its Kashmiri-Shikara vessel rides and pedal support rides. This spot is surrounded by excellent homestays in Idukki offering an ideal get-away. This is what makes this place a top search in tourist places near me.
Chinnakanal Waterfalls Munnar
Chinnakanal Waterfalls Munnar
        Chinnakanal Waterfalls MunnarSpilling out of stature of 800 m, Chinnakanal Waterfalls is a sight of sheer magnificence. These falls lie only 14 km away from Munnar. The beauty of these falls has made people searched out in tourist places near me.
              Chokramudi Peak MunnarSituated in the Eravikulam National Park at an elevation of 7200 feet, Chokramudi Peak is perhaps the most elevated top in Munnar. It is much disengaged from the range yet gives an astonishing perspective on the encompassing valleys and mountains. It feels as this place is covered with amazing thick forestation and the rich green tea estates. One can likewise get a wonderful perspective on the Idukki Dam found close by.
        Wonder Valley Adventure  Park MunnarIt is an ideal fascination for experience seekers and for the individuals who need to confront and dispose of their feelings of fear. There’s no age limit and the exercises are intended for kids, just as for grown-ups. This site is famous among travelers for finding tourist places near me.

Final Word of Tourist Places Near Me in Munnar

It is critical to comprehend that the previously mentioned article gives us a thought of the famous tourist places near me in Munnar, why it is renowned, and what is the reason for searching about the same.

Munnar has consistently been much-admired as its association with nature. Without visiting these spots, the travel to Munnar just doesn’t give justice to its heritage.

Munnar is well known for these remarkable wonders and climatic conditions. The places here are so enthralling that one will fall in love with these places.

Even though this spot is exceedingly well known among visitors, we have tried to show you by conveying genuine excellence in these places.

We trust that you have enjoyed this article and the above bits of knowledge on the tourist places near Munnar will help you search out the tourist places near me properly when needed.

Additionally, pay special concentration to diverse areas in Munnar, on which we will disclose awareness and give all the appropriate facts. So stay tuned and continue understanding our posts for all the more such wonderful insights regarding Munnar.

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