Seven springs plantation resort – Amenities, Facilities, and Location 2020

Munnar is a beautiful hill station in Kerala which is famous for its scenic beauty, wildlife sanctuaries and various other tourist spots like mattupetty dam, kundala dam Lake, etc.

If you are planning to travel to Munnar with your friends or family over the weekend or coming vacations, then you must be looking for various resorts in Munnar where you can stay and enjoy.

In this article, we will be providing a complete review of 1 expensive and exotic resort in Munnar i.e. seven springs plantation resorts.

This article will provide you complete details including the location of this resort and the facilities provide to their customers.

I always recommend my readers to read the article completely before making a booking in this resort.

Seven springs plantation – A luxury resort

Seven springs plantation resort is the best resort of Munnar which is located at a distance of 15 km from the Munnar tea museum whereas other tourist spots like mattupetty dam are located at a distance of 23 km from this exotic resort.

Kids playground facility in seven springs plantation resort munnar kerala india

If you want to travel Munnar via flight then you need to understand that Kochi international airport is far away from seven spring plantation resort i.e. 118 km.

Great ambiance and generous staff make this resort the best pick for visitors.

There is an inbuilt restaurant available in this resort which not only offers Indian food but also offers Asian breakfast.

If you are looking for trekking in Munnar then this resort is at the best location for trekking.

Amenities and facilities offered to customers

Facilities in seven springs plantation resort room munnar kerala india

There is a large number of facilities and amenities offered by seven spring plantation resorts to its customers. Some of the facilities in this property are mentioned below.

  • Staying in this resort tourists can enjoy a bonfire in the open area with their friends or family.
  • Some of the activities that tourists can perform while staying in seven springs plantation resorts are hiking, karaoke, playing badminton, etc.
  • Children can also enjoy staying in this exotic resort as they can get a playground for playing some small games.
  • If you are a great foodie when you will love staying at this resort due to its Asian breakfast.
  • Seven springs plantation resorts also provide facilities like free Wi-Fi and free parking for cars.
  • If you are traveling via flight, you can free book the airport shuttle service of this resort at some additional charges.
  • Talking about the facilities provided in the room, there is a separate kettle provided for making tea or coffee.
  • Rooms are family-friendly as smoking is not allowed inside the room and there are smoke detectors installed in the rooms.
  • Staff in this resort are very generous as they can speak multiple languages like Hindi, English, Malayalam, and Tamil.

Location and nearby tourist attraction

Nearby tourist spot on seven springs plantation resort munnar kerala india

Seven springs plantation resort is located at a distance of 118 kilometers from the Kochi international airport.

  • One of the nearest tourist spots from this resort is the Munnar tea museum at a distance of approximately 8 kilometers.
  • If visitors staying in this resort are looking for exploring wildlife sanctuaries then the nearest national park is Eravikulam National park at a distance of 18 km from this beautiful resort.
  • To reach lakkam waterfall from seven springs plantation resort, visitors may need to travel approximately 20 kilometers.
  • Instead of an inbuilt restaurant, there is a great restaurant named as deep woods at a distance of 2 km from this resort.
  • Similarly, you can also enjoy shopping with your family in the Mullappallil supermarket which is situated at a distance of 6km from seven springs plantation resorts.


What is the best way to reach seven springs plantation resorts in Munnar hill station from the airport?

If you are traveling via a flight to Munnar from any of the international airports all over India, to reach this beautiful exotic resort you can take a prepaid taxi which can take you to this resort from the airport in 4 hours.

What are the different types of rooms available in seven springs plantation resort?

There are three types of rooms that seven springs plantation resort offers to its customers i.e. double room, suite room, and holiday home.

Are there good restaurants available nearby this resort in Munnar?

There are dozens of good restaurants available within a distance of 1 kilometer from seven spring plantation resort.
But if you don’t want to travel a distance of 1 kilometer, you can also have food in an inbuilt restaurant which is available within the complex of this resort.

Does this resort provide a parking facility for cars?

If you are planning to visit Munnar with your family or friends in your car from any of the nearby stations. Then you will be happy to know that seven springs plantation resort provides parking facility for their customers. These parking facilities include free parking, private parking, secured parking, etc.

What is the average price that a customer needs to pay if they want to stay in this exotic resort?

The charge of a room is not fixed but depends on the type of room and the dates on which you are traveling.

Final Verdict for seven springs plantation resort

Selecting a good hotel in the tourist destination is very important as it can make your experience enjoyable whereas if the hotel selected to stay is not that good it can also play spoilsport.

If you are staying in a resort which is located nearby the market and tourist spots, then you can enjoy more in the place as you need to travel less to view a particular spot.

Similarly at the same time if you are making a bad choice of staying in a resort located far away from tourist spots then the maximum of your time gets wasted in traveling.

In this article, we have provided complete details about the best resort of Munnar named as seven springs plantation resort.

We have also mentioned the nearby tourist spots that you can explore with your loved ones while staying at this resort. Kindly let us know in the comment section is the article is helpful for you in making a good decision!

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