Marayoor – Finding the Best Sandalwood Trees 2020

Sandalwood or what Indians call it Chandan is very holy and famous among Indians.

They use it in all forms, to either make timber or for using it in Puja. But, do you know that wherein India can you find the sandalwood trees.

In this very article, we will shed light on Marayoor, and why is it famous for the sandalwood trees.

Why is Sandalwood trees called out so popular?

Sandalwood Powder

Sandalwood trees are grown mostly in India, South East Asia and some parts of Australia.

This tree can grow to a height of about 20m high, it has a redwood and the bark of the tree comes in different shades

They are very durable, hence it can be used to make good furniture, and also the oil from sandalwood is used in making perfumes, soaps, and incense sticks.

Various other properties of the sandalwood make it very essential. Oils are extracted and used to make various dyes, fragrances, and sticks used in Pooja.

Also several other beauty products like soap, powder are made by the sandalwood.

But because of some other factors in India, there has been uncontrolled harvesting which has led to the depletion of sandalwood.

There is some ban on export due to the overcutting of the sandalwood trees and strict restrictions are made.

How are Sandalwood trees being so much useful to mankind?

Sandalwood Factory in Marayoor

Sandalwood is very popular as the aroma from the wood is the best feature of its.

This is mostly found in the Kerala region and it has a yellowish color of the bark, which is unique.

The aroma from the Sandalwood is very unique and can be used for a variety of purposes, like for furnishings and decoration purposes.

Sandalwood trees have been a very valued product for many years because of its aroma, medicinal and various other properties.

As you might be aware that the oil from the sandalwood is used to make perfumes, incense sticks and all, but for this, the age of the tree must be at least eight years old, and the best is fourteen years.

Not like other trees, sandalwood is harvested by taking down the entire tree instead of sawing it down. In this way, Every portion of the wood can be used for various purposes.

As we might also be aware that the Sandalwood teeka is a very important part of our Hindu rituals.

We not only apply the paste to ourselves, but also to the utensils or idols we use in Puja.

The preparation of the teeka is considered to be only suitable for those who conduct puja, hence ideally priests do the preparation.

This teeka is made by using a sandalwood paste that is manually done by grinding wood on granite slabs formed for this purpose.

Putting appropriate water till it is not been made perfect, one can also add saffron in it, to make it even more aromatic.

Sandalwood is also used in making aromatic fragrances. It is also used in Ayurveda as a medicinal herb and it reduces the anxiety in patients.

Sandalwood trees are thus very popular as wood also is used in making some showpieces or for decoration purposes.

Why Marayoor is famous for sandalwood?

Marayoor Caves

Marayoor is a small village about forty kilometers away from Munnar, This village is located on the east side of the Western Ghats, which borders with Tamil Nadu. Marayoor is the only natural sandalwood growing area in Kerala.

To operate a sandalwood plant, it is important to have less rainfall, and Marayoor is just the right place for that.

Although compared to neighboring countries such as Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, Kerala offers very little sandalwood and is only limited to a few restricted areas in the Marajol and Wayanad mountains.

Because of reduced rainfall, Sandalwood trees grow in these areas with ease.

But, as compared with Munnar which is so popular among tourists, Marayoor, is not developed properly by the state, although it is one of the most popular trekking destinations of India in every respect.

For adventure seekers, this place is worth visiting and one can enjoy the beauty of nature.

The road journey to this place is very beautiful as one can see tea estates everywhere.

One can see few waterfalls in this route as well, but the main highlights are the sandalwood trees.

The climate here is very cool and one likes the sweet smell of the sandalwood that comes in this place.

People in Marayoor are earning by doing agriculture. In summers, the temperature soars to 30 degrees whereas in winter it comes down to even 7 degrees Celsius.

Here Rajiv Gandhi National Park is very popular among locals and makes it an interesting picnic spot in this place.

Rajiv Gandhi National Park - Nagarhole

There is a naturally formed children’s park under the canopy of a banyan tree that is spread to over one hectare of land and this makes the view very mesmerizing.

Thoovanam Waterfalls is also popular among locals where they go take bath and relax.

Marayoor also has a rich historical background, one can find ancient caves where pictures are graved over the rocks that depict the Ramayana era.

Tourists can find plenty of staying options and shopping facilities in this area.

Final Verdict

It is extremely important to understand that the above-mentioned article gives us an idea of sandalwood trees and we are trying to show the beauty of Marayoor.

Marayoor is a beautiful place that should be visited once in life as you can get abreast of its beautiful landscapes and the lush sandalwood trees that you may find at this place.

Although Marayoor is less popular among tourists, we have tried to make it popular by bringing you the ideal places to visit at this place.

We hope that you have liked this article and the above insights on the Marayoor and its famous sandalwood trees would draw your attention and you would pay a visit if you are going to Munnar.  I hope the other information provided in this article would have proven worthy to you.

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