Munnar Tourism – A Complete Guide 2020

The city of Munnar is a mesmerizing place which is located in the state of Kerala in the southern part of India.

People from all around the world come to visit this wonderful place and enjoy its exotic food, unique traditions, picturesque locations, and breathtaking waterfalls.

The lush green hills of Munnar which are covered with tea leaves and the famous Neelakurinji flowers make the environment even more serene and pristine. It appears that one is present in paradise itself.

Because of all these beauties present in the city of Munnar, the name God’s paradise is given to this city which has boosted Munnar tourism.

The city of Munnar offers a complete package in terms of spending a vacation with friends and families. It is a perfect blend of adventurous spots, romantic spots, waterfalls, sunset and sunrise points, lush green bushes and various tea gardens.

Munnar Location

The beautiful city of Munnar is located in the state of Kerala in south India. It is located in the Idukki district which is present on the Kerala and Tamil Nadu state border.

Various tourist spots that are present in Munnar lie on this border and some even lie in the territory of the Tamil Nadu state.

Munnar is an elevated town and is present above the mean sea level height which generally makes the weather and temperature cool during most of the time of the year. The average temperature of Munnar is somewhere around 19 degrees Celsius.

Various local transport services are present in the city of Munnar which connects even the remotest part present in the locality of Munnar. Local cab and bus services are always present for the tourists.

The nearest airport to the town of Munnar is the Cochin international airport.

Munnar Tourism – Must Visit Places

In this article, we have made a collection of must-visit places when a visitor comes to the town of Munnar for spending his or her holidays with friends or family. The list is as follows:

  • Kundala Lake
kundala lake munnar tourism kerala india
Munnar Tourism

The Kundala lake is located between the beautiful mountain ranges on one side and the lush green trees and tea plantation on the other side. It is one of the major boosters of Munnar tourism.

The lake is located at an elevated height of around 1728 meters from the mean sea level and is a famous tourist attraction. Various activities like boating, fishing, etc. are organized here for the visitors by the local people.

The rate of the boating is around Rupees 100/- for a three-pedal boat.

  • Mattupetty Dairy Farm
dairy farm munnar kerala india

The Mattupetty dairy farm is a beautiful cattle farm present in the city of Munnar. It was established many decades back under the partnership of the Swiss government and the Indian government.

Various types of cattle, cows, and goats are present on this farm which are raised for wool, meat, and milk by the tourism department and the local people of the state of Kerala.

The best time to visit this dairy farm is from September to March. The entry fees are fixed around Rupees 10/- per person. It is a proud partner of Munnar tourism apart from generating jobs for the local people of Munnar.

  • Tea Museum
Tea museum munnar kerala india
Munnar Tourism

The tea museum is a very old and famous tourist place present in the city of Munnar. It is a wonderful place for tea lovers.

One can book a tour for visiting this historical place and can also see the process of tea harvesting, crushing of tea leaves and the packing of freshly prepared tea grains in the packets for sale.

The best time to visit this historical place is from November every year to February.

The entry fees are fixed at Rupees 75/- per head for the adults and Rupees 35/- per head for the minors.

  • Blossom International Park
blossom park munnar tourism kerala india
Munnar Tourism

The Blossom international park is a mesmerizing and beautiful place present in the city of Munnar and is a big part of Munnar tourism.

It is home to thousands of exotic species of flowers which are very rare and not easily available in other parts of the country or the world. The color and the smell of the flowers is just breathtaking.

Various activities like boating, fishing, roller skating, etc. are organized in the park premises for the tourists.

The best time to visit this park is from June to September every year. The entry fees are fixed at Rupees 10/- for the adults and only Rupees 2/- for the minors.

The park opens every day from 9 in the morning to 7 in the evening.

  • The Pothamedu Viewpoint
pothamedu munnar kerala india
Munnar Tourism

As the city of Munnar is located at a high altitude from the mean sea level, various viewpoints are present in this region from where the tourists can enjoy the sunrise and the sunset and can also get a glimpse of the Western Ghats.

The lush green trees which cover the hills of Munnar along with the various tea gardens present in the town make the view a thing to cherish for the lifetime.

This viewpoint is open every day in the year and one can come and visit it any time without any rules or regulations.


Question 1: In which months does the monsoon affect Munnar tourism the most?

Solution 1: The tourism of the city of Munnar is most affected by the monsoon in July and August every year.

Question 2: What is the average cost of the tea which is produced in the city of Munnar?

Solution 2: The tea which is produced in the city of Munnar is very pure and exotic in taste. The average price of this tea is somewhere around Rupees 190/- per 250 grams of tea.


The main of this article is to provide our readers with a complete guide about Munnar Tourism which helps our readers and potential Munnar tourists to enjoy their vacation in a much better and planned way.

We have tried to cover the major famous places located in the city of Munnar along with their entry fees and the opening and closing timings of the same. We hope that you would have liked this article.

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