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Knowing that the climate change in cities where we want to plan our travel is very important, or for some or different reasons, we may be interested in seeing the atmosphere of the city, so is this not essential?

Currently bringing you Munnar temperature today, how Munnar’s temperature changes and the atmosphere there.

All important insights about climatic conditions are now given.

Current Temperature at Munnar Today

The temperature in Munnar is now about 27 degrees Celsius when the sky is clear.

Let me show you how the temperature is maintained this week in the table below.


Since we briefly introduced Munnar temperature today, it’s time to understand how Munnar’s atmosphere is consistent.

This will help you similarly plan your outing, and you will know the climatic conditions here.

Variations in Temperature across Different Seasons in Munnar

We should know the terrain data about Munnar. Located at an altitude of 1500m above sea level, Munnar usually has a warm and peaceful atmosphere.

Rainfall does occur in the Munnar area, but there are more in summers than winters.

If we need to characterize Munnar’s normal temperature, then the climate insight at that time showed that Munnar recorded a normal temperature of 19 ° C.

The insight also indicated that normal rainfall during this period was approximately 2,590 mm.

At present, let’s see how we proceed to understand the atmosphere of Munnar changes in each season and the temperature across the Munnar region.

This is not having an impact on what will be the Munnar temperature today, but you should have all information.

1. The climate of Munnar in summer

March is the beginning of Munnar’s summer. The weather is still pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 19 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius.

Summer in Munnar is a great time to enjoy visiting places that are so famous in the Munnar.

Carry lightweight cotton cloths with you, but also bring an umbrella, as showers are common in summer.

Maximum Temperature25-29 ° C
Minimum Temperature15-20 ° C
Sunshine hours in a Day (Average)8-10
Average Rainfall Days (Number)2-5
Average Rainfall Monthly (in mm)75-150
UV IndexExtreme

2. The climate of Munnar in monsoon

Monsoon in Munnar
Munnar Temperature Today

The period from June to September marks the monsoon season in Munnar.

Although many tourists avoid Munnar during the monsoon, if you are looking for a quiet holiday, then this is also a great time to visit the mountain station.

The monsoon of Munnar is covered with lush greenery and has its unique charm.

This is also a great time to enjoy discounted hotel prices and fully enjoy Munnar entertainment, without crowds of tourists.

Remember to bring an umbrella or raincoat.

Maximum Temperature22-27 ° C
Minimum Temperature17-20 ° C
Sunshine hours in a Day (Average)6-8
Average Rainfall Days (Number)8-12
Average Rainfall Monthly (in mm)170-350
UV IndexExtreme

Munnar temperature today might be affected as a change in weather in Monsoons.

3. The climate of Munnar in winter

Winter in Munnar
Munnar Temperature Today

Due to the pleasant weather, winter is by far the best time to visit Munnar. The duration for winters starts somewhere from October and lasts till February.

The lowest temperature during this time of the year drops to ten degrees Celsius, making it ideal for a vacation or honeymoon.

For adventure lovers, this is also a good time to enjoy adventurous activities, such as rock climbing, hiking, and rappelling.

You must bring wool at night because it becomes very cold at night.

Munnar temperature today can be affected by the way climate completely changes in winters.

Maximum Temperature19-22 ° C
Minimum Temperature10-14 ° C
Sunshine hours in a Day (Average)5-7
Average Rainfall Days (Number)4-6
Average Rainfall Monthly (in mm)21-100
UV IndexVery High

Why is Munnar so famous for the temperature changes?

Beautiful Waterfalls in Rainy Season
Munnar Temperature Today

Munnar has a large variety of plants and animals and also for many reasons, it has been attracting tourists from all over the world.

Okay, let’s explore the paradise beauty of this paradise and introduce some reasons why the Munnar temperature today makes it apt to visit some exotic places.

                Beautiful Waterfalls  Munnar hills, famous for its evergreen tea plantations, its stretched beauty and charm can bring visitors magical magic!   Although most hills are decorated with tea gardens, some mountains are fascinated by fascinating waterfalls and lush vegetation.   Check out some mesmerizing waterfalls on the way and fall in love with the sight of those gushing flows.   Visit Munnar today to witness the essence and magical beauty of the waterfall.
                Attractive Wildlife  Munnar is a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts!   This beautiful place in Kerala is rich in its reserves and the wildlife that gives such a heavenly feeling.   It allows you to forget the outside world and go deep into the wilderness!   Take the tour of the famous wildlife sanctuaries here, and find yourself amidst in this wildlife is a heavenly experience.   Wander through the wilderness of different sanctuaries and national parks.    Munnar will always fascinate you with its charming wildlife.
            Lip Smacking foods  Munnar is deeply influenced by Malabar cuisine and can also satisfy the needs of foodies.   Kerala will never disappoint you with the flavorful dishes that will satiate your appetite.   These flavors and the aroma from these foods give you an instant hunger.   One can’t stop himself from trying the cuisine and get lost in the flavors completely.

Final Word

Different months have an altered impact on the Munnar temperature today, it can vary across several months.

In the above article, we have given you all the related information about the climate and how the temperature in Munnar varies every month.

Knowing the weather and the temperature details is thus a very important thing, and you cannot afford to miss that at any cost.

As if some might not find the significance of Munnar temperature today, but when the time arises, they will look at the weather details.

I hope you find the above details useful about how Munnar temperature today is different in several months and how to organize the trip accordingly.

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