Munnar Places to Visit – Tourism Guide 2020

Munnar Places to visit:- The region of South India has always been famous all around the world for their hospitality, exotic food cuisines, exclusive cultures, and traditions.

The people of south India take pride in their culture and their traditions which they are following from the past many decades and centuries.

South India is famous and admired by the people all around the world for their beautiful scenic beauties, hill stations, rivers, waterfalls, traditions and many exclusive food delicacies.

Especially, the state of Kerala, which is the most educated state of India in terms of the literacy rate, is one of the major attractions for tourists in the south Indian region.

This is mainly because of the various food delicacies, hill stations and the wonderful weather which remains pleasant almost throughout the year. One such major attraction for tourists in the state of Kerala is the city of Munnar.

Munnar Location in Kerala

Munnar is a city which is located in the state of Kerala. It a place which has many viewpoints, mesmerising lush green fields, wonderful waterfalls and various tea and cardamom gardens.

The city of Munnar is located around 119.2 kilometres from the Cochin international airport. The city is well connected by the nearby towns and states with buses and cab services.

In this article, we would be covering the various Munnar Places to Visit and would also be discussing the most commonly asked doubts regarding the places of Munnar.

Stay with us till the end of the article of getting full information and a tourism guide about the places of Munnar.

Munnar Places to Visit

The most famous places present in the city of Munnar are listed below:

1. Pallivasal

pallivasal munnar
Munnar Places to Visit

Pallivasal is a place which is located at a distance of around 8.2 kilometers from the main city of Munnar. This place is most suited for families and friends to go out for a picnic during the day time.

The place is the first hydroelectric project which was set up in the state of Kerala many years ago.

The Pallivasal hydroelectric plant produces a huge amount of electricity which is used by the nearby towns and cities of the state of Kerala for meeting their daily requirements.

The nearest railway station to the place of Pallivasal is the Kaduthuruthy railway station which is approximately 71.2 kilometres away from the place. Cochin airport is around 109 kilometres away from this place.

2. Rajamala

rajamala munnar
Munnar Places to Visit

Rajamala is another wonderful and mesmerizing place to visit near the Munnar city of the Kerala state. It is a lush green field which is spread in a very large area on the hills near Munnar.

The Rajamala is located at an approximate height of around 2689 meters from the mean sea level. At such height, the temperature and weather are very cool and pleasant which makes it a very attractive tourist spot.

Nilgiri Tahr, which is also known by the name of wild hilly goats are found here in large numbers. This specie is getting extinct and can only be found here in the whole world.

The visiting time in this place is from morning 7 to 6 in the evening every day.

3. Lock Heart Munnar Gap

lock hert gap munnar
Munnar Places to Visit

The Lock heart gap present in the city of Munnar is a wonderful place to visit if one is planning a vacation to the city of Munnar. The lock heart is a place which is covered with various tea gardens and other green shrubs.

The view is so beautiful and mesmerizing that people specially visit this place for getting good pictures of themselves with their families and their loved ones all around the year.

The road is beautifully carved between the field of the tea and one can enjoy this beautiful and serene drive while sitting and relaxing in their vehicles.

The major attraction is the lock heart tea factory which is present nearby only and provides freshly prepared tea to the tourists.

4. Nyayamakad Waterfalls

nyayamakad waterfalls munnar
Munnar Places to Visit

The Nyayamakad waterfalls is a wonderful and mesmerizing place to visit in the city of Munnar in the Kerala state.

People from all around the world come to visit these wonderful waterfalls round the year and especially during the time of monsoon as the waterfalls are full of water and people can enjoy under it.

But as the flow of water is high during the monsoon season, one has to be cautious and remain vigilant while they are near these waterfalls.

These waterfalls are located at a place which lies between the Rajamala and the Munnar city.

This is a place which servers the purpose of both the adventure lovers as it can be used as a trekking spot and is also loved by the families as they can come and bath together under it and have quality time with each other.

5. Kolukkumalai

kolukkumalai munnar
Munnar Places to Visit

More than half of the population of the world are tea lovers and the city of Munnar is famous all around the world for the same reason. Munnar city is one of the biggest exporters of tea in the world.

Kolukkumalai is a place near Munnar where tea plantations are done. It is the highest point in the world above the mean sea level where tea plantation is being successfully done.

The rea plantations produced here have a special demand in the markets. This is because the tea is being grown at such a high altitude which gives the tea very special flavours which are not present anywhere else.

The height of Kolukkumalai is around 7800 feet from the mean sea level.


1. Where can we find the best quality tea in Munnar city?

The best tea can be found in the region called Kolukkumalai which is present at the border of the state of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

2. What type of transport services are available in Munnar?

Various transport services are available in the city of Munnar. Frequent bus services are available in the city of Munnar which connects the whole city along with various cabs like Ola, Uber and other local cabs and autos.

3. What type of places one can expect in the city of Munnar?

Various site seeing places are available in the city of Munnar. The tourists can enjoy various waterfalls, tea gardens, viewpoints, national parks and bird sanctuaries in the city of Munnar.


The main aim of this article is to provide our readers and other tourists the perfect information about Munnar Places to Visit.

We have also tried to provide the image of the place along with the rough distance of the place from the airport and the main city of Munnar. We hope that you would have liked the article. Keep reading and keep sharing our articles.

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