Top 4 Munnar Hotels for a comfortable stay

If you are one of those who like traveling to various places to explore the beauty of nature and you are planning to visit Munnar with your family or friends in the coming vacations.

You must be worrying about the best hotel in Munnar which you can opt for making your vacation period more beautiful.

You might be searching for various hotels on various websites and getting afraid of selecting a bad hotel.

If you are also facing the dilemma of choosing the right hotel in Munnar.

In this article, we have provided details about the top 4 Munnar hotels which can help you in making the right decision.

You always recommend reading the article completely to avoid any future problems.

Rank 1: Blanket Hotel and Spa

blanket hotel and spa munnar
Munnar Hotels

This hotel is known for its best services in Munnar which can give you a feeling of a celebrity staying in this hotel.

  • Some of the services offered by this hotel are free Wi-Fi and spa which makes you feel more comfortable staying in this property.
  • Some of the other amenities of this hotel include restaurants, free parking facilities, and swimming pools.
  • All the rooms of this hotel are fully air conditioned and equipment flat screen TV.
  • Rooms are also having kettle so that you can make tea or coffee on your own.
  • Talking about the location of this property, it is 10 Km away from the mattupetty dam and Cochin airport is just 100 Km away from this hotel.
  • Out of all the tourist, couples prefer taking this hotel

Rank 2: Treebo Trend Misty Garden Resorts & Spa

treebo trend misty garden resorts and spa munnar
Munnar Hotels

This hotel is famous in Munnar for its nice breakfast and beautiful scenic views.

This hotel is located far from the central market and present in the middle of nature which makes it stand apart from the other hotels.

  • Due to its presence in nature away from the market, people staying here can get a great view of wild animals in the evening.
  • Reception area and room service are operational for 24×7 in this property.
  • This hotel provides free Wi-Fi to its customers but charges an additional fee for availing parking facilities.
  • This hotel is located in the middle of the forest the nearest tourist spot from this property is the Munnar tea museum which is at a distance of 28 Km.
  • Though the route is bad to reach this hotel the scenic views from this hotel is worth to watch

Rank 3: Moselberg Riverside Cottages

moselberg riverside cottages munnar
Munnar Hotels

Out of various Munnar hotels available in the city, this hotel is the best seller and preferred by most of the tourists.

The reason for taking this hotel over others is its beautiful scenic views and great taste of food available in this hotel.

  • Quick room service and polite staff also make this hotel exceptional over other hotels available in the city.
  • Moselberg cottages are also preferred by a tourist visiting Munnar for its beautiful view of rivers which makes people more comfortable and provides relaxation to the mind.
  • The amenities of this property are open terrace free Wi-Fi and car parking free of cost.
  • This hotel also provides a service of hiring a vehicle to explore various tourist spots in Munnar.
  • Talking about the location of this property, it is 8 Km away from Munnar Tea Museum.

Rank 4: Landy Queen

landy queen munnar
Munnar Hotels

If you are one of those who prefer staying in the middle of the city and love doing shopping in the evening, staying in this hotel is the right choice for you.

This hotel is mostly preferred by couples who prefer taking a walk in the evening.

  • The best room service and overwhelming staff of this hotel make it a value for money.
  • Within a distance of 1 Km, you can find a large number of restaurants and Street foods.
  • Munnar tea museum is located within a distance of 3 Km from this property.
  • Couples can enjoy a good view from the balcony of the hotel which is another reason why guests for this hotel over others.
  • This hotel also provides a service of hiring a vehicle to explore various tourist spots in Munnar.


What is the average price per night to stay in Munnar?

If you want to stay in a three star hotel it may cost you up to $30 whereas for luxury hotels i.e. 4 star and 5 star it can cost you around $90 for night

Which hotels have the best view of Mattupetty Dam?

If you want to stay in a hotel which is closer to the mattupetty dam, you can opt for any of the hotels out of natural inn or lady queen.

Which hotels in Munnar are known for their best complimentary breakfast?

If you are staying in Munnar then hotels like the palm tree, leaf Munnar are famous for their breakfast.

Which is the best hotel to stay with your family in Munnar?

Leaf Munnar resort is known is the best family hotel. Some families also opt for white House residency to stay in Munnar.

Munnar hotel having the best scenic view?

Tourists who want to explore the beauty by staying at the hotel prefer staying at white House residency in Munnar.

Final Verdict for the Munnar hotels

To enjoy a vacation completely, selecting a good hotel is the most important thing while planning the vacation.

Today, most of the websites are showing beautiful pictures to make people fall in the trap of booking the hotel in advance.

This article will help you in making a good decision and protect yourself from falling in the trap of selecting a bad hotel after looking at beautiful pictures.

In this guide, we have provided details regarding the top 4 hotels which are preferred by the tourist for various reasons.

Do let us know in the comment section if the details provided above are helpful to you in making a good decision while planning a vacation with your family or friends! Also, let us know in the comments section if you are looking for some more details regarding Munnar hotels so that we can incorporate it in the future.

Munnar Hotels

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