Munar – A beautiful place to visit

If you are a travel freak and love visiting places across the world, then one of the places in South India that must be on your priority list is Munar.

It is a place that everyone should visit with their friends or family once in their lifetime.

If you are also planning a trip to Munar in the coming vacations with your friends or family on your loved ones, then this guide will help you in getting complete knowledge about this beautiful tourist destination.

This article will cover all the details regarding the best time to visit, culture and the best food to eat in Munnar.

I always recommend reading the article completely so that you can get an in-depth knowledge of the city before visiting with your loved ones.

What is Munar?

In South India, there is a hill station known as Munar which is famous for its tea gardens and various other tourist spots.

This place was discovered by Britishers in the early 90s to meet the need for tea.

This hill station is located at 1600 above the sea level which is preferred by the tourist for the summer vacation.

One of the unique things about Munnar is a flower named Neelakurinji that grows only in Munnar.

This hill station is also known for its adventurous trip of forest, jungle safaris to explore the wildlife that attracts kids towards this hill station.

Some people also know this place by the name of Kashmir of Kerala.

When to explore the beauty of Munar?

Whenever you plan a trip to any tourist destination the most important thing to consider is the weather.

Weather plays an important role in making your trip memorable and at the same time, it can spoil your trip as well if you end up visiting in monsoons.

The best time to visit Munnar is the winter season which starts in December and goes up to the start of March.

This time is best for you if you are traveling with your friends and want to explore the adventurous side of Munnar like Rock climbing, jungle safari, etc.

But if you are traveling with your parents or kids, the best time is to plan a trip to Munnar in summer vacations somewhere between mid of March to end of May.

During this season you can explore the scenic beauty and various tourist spots in Munar.

Tradition of Munar

tradition of munar

Munar is a hill station is also known for its mix of culture that is British culture, bits of Tamil Nadu and Kerala traditions.

If you are fond of celebrating Onam festival, then you should plan your trip in August as this festival is celebrated all across the Munnar and people from various countries visit this place to experience this festival.

During this festival all over Munnar’s traditional food of Kerala is being served to all the tourists in all the restaurants and dhabas.

Best food to eat in Munar

food in munar

If you are a foodie and planning to visit Munar in the upcoming vacations, then you should eat fish and rice which is prepared in the fresh coconut oil. This food will give you a proper feeling of Kerala’s traditional food.

Some of the other Street side food that you can experience while staying in Munnar are vegetable bhaji, Bondas, etc.

There is a very famous thali which is served on the banana leaf in which all the food served is prepared in the fresh coconut oil.

This thali is named as Kairali thali that one should try in Munar.

How to reach Munar?

how to reach munar

If you are traveling from nearby places like Waynard, Bengaluru, Mysore, Chennai or any other places of South India then you can either opt for Volvo buses or you can drive your car to this hill station.

Otherwise, if you are traveling from some places in North India, then the best way to travel to this destination is via a flight. The nearest airport to Munnar is Cochin international airport.

From the airport, you can hire a taxi to reach this hill station easily.


1. What is the famous tourist spot in Munar that one should visit?

If you are traveling to Munar, then you should visit the Tea garden and Mattupetty Dam.

2. For how many days we should plan a trip to Munar?

To explore the scenic beauty and various tourist spots of Munar, one should plan for 3 days in Munar.

3. How much is the distance of Munar from Kerala?

If you are traveling from Kerala at a speed of 60 km per hour, it will approximately take 3 hours to cover a distance of 120 kilometers to reach this beautiful hill station.

4. Is there availability of Ola or Uber service in Munar?

Yes, companies like Ola and Uber are operational in Munar City. Apart from that, tourists can also hire Taxis on per day basis to visit various tourist spots.

5. What is the distance of Munar from Kochi?

If you are traveling from car and driving at a speed of approximately 60 km per hour, then you can reach Munar from Kochi in 4 hours to cover a distance of approximately 130 kilometers.

Final Verdict for the Munar – A beautiful place to visit

Munar is one of those hill stations that everyone should visit once in their lifetime.

Known as Kashmir of Kerala Munnar, it is famous for its beautiful scenic views, tea gardens, and various other tourist spots.

In this article, we have provided complete information regarding the history of Munnar, its location and the best time to visit this tourist place.

This article also covers the details regarding the culture and tradition of Munnar along with the traditional food of this beautiful hill station that one should experience during their stay.

Do let us know in the comment section if the details mentioned above are helpful for you while deciding to travel this hill station in the upcoming vacations. Also mention in the comment section below if you want some more details regarding Munar so that we can incorporate it in the future!

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