Mattupetty dam – A Complete Guide 2020

The world is changing in terms of technology, infrastructure, agriculture, information technology, transportation, and whatnot.

Be it any field, a constant and frequent up-gradation is being seen as people are always looking for better alternatives and more value for money than the price that they are paying for availing that particular product or service.

As we are talking about transformation, the same can be seen in the type of dams that are being constructed now a day. Also, the traditional use of the dam which was limited to only the purpose of storing water has now become broader.

But now, their sole purpose of just storing the water has changed over the course of time and advancement of technology. The dams are now being used to produce electricity in large units, used for irrigation and also for fishing and water sports.

mattupetty dam location

In this article, we would be covering a similar dam which is located in the beautiful city of Munnar located in the state of Kerala in the southern part of India.

Mattupetty Dam Know-How

The Mattupetty Dam is a humongous dam which is located in the city which is known as the god’s paradise or god’s city Munnar. It is present in a district named Idukki.

entry fee of mattupetty dam munnar kerala

It is a big concrete storage dam which is built marvelously in the hills of the state of Kerala. It is considered to be an engineering masterpiece as building such a dam at great altitudes is very difficult and costly and requires a lot of effort.

The dam acts as an oasis for the variety of animals and flora and fauna present in that region. Various animals like elephants, Nilgiri Tahr, grizzly squirrel, etc. come to the shore of this dam to drink water and for bathing.

The Mattupetty dam has a total catchment area of around 106 Kilometre square.

The dam was constructed at a whooping cost of around 221 lakh rupees.

History of Mattupetty Dam

history of mattupetty dam munnar kerala india

The Mattupetty dam has a very interesting history. The dam was constructed in the year 1953 but its construction started way back in the year 1949. It took almost 4 to 5 years for completing the construction of this dam.

The dam included almost 250 workers for construction way back in the year 1949. As the dam is built at a very high altitude, the construction techniques which were used were very different from the normal construction cases.

The Mattupetty dam has a very large capacity and can hold almost 56 million cubic liters of water in the condition when it is full up to the brim.

The dam is built on the way to Munnar on the highway which is famous by the name of the top station.

At present, the Mattupetty dam is believed to generate such amount of hydroelectricity that it is sufficient to provide electricity to many nearby towns and villages constantly for 24 hours per day for a week.

Tourism at Mattupetty Dam

boat racing in mattupetty dam munnar kerala india

The location of the Mattupetty dam is very beautiful and mesmerizing. The dam is located between the hills of Kerala.

During the winter months, the dam is covered with fog and mist which gives a heavenly look as the fog covers the water and makes it sparkle.

Tourists not only from different states of India but from all around the world come to Mattupetty dam every year for enjoying the scenic beauty and the flora and fauna found here.

Apart from this, the Mattupetty dam is the most famous for organizing various water sports in the still waters of the dam round the year.

These water sports are the major attraction not only for the tourists but also for the local people as they get to see the foreigners performing various stunts and activities in the water of the dam and also taking part in motorboat racing.

Some fishes which can survive in the fresh waters are also present in the Mattupetty dam. People enjoy performing fishing using the rods which are provided by the local shop owners and tourism department of the state of Kerala.

Mattupetty Cattle Village

cattle village near mattupetty dam munnar kerala

Among the local people and the people who are living in the state of Kerala, the region of Mattupetty is also famous by the name of cattle village. This is because of the very famous livestock project or the Indo Swiss farm project.

The story behind this name is that the project of cattle livestock was launched between the Indian government and the Swiss government as a result of the agreement between the two parties.

In the Mattupetty farm, the tourists can find various types of cattle as a result of the breeding under this particular project of both the governments.

When various breeds of cattle come together in a flock and graze the grasslands which are present near the Mattupetty dam, the scene becomes wonderful and mesmerizing for the tourists.

This particular farm of cattle grazing is located somewhere at an approximate distance of about 3.2 Kilometres from the Mattupetty dam. This farm is looked after by both, the Indian government and the Switzerland government.

But, in the present scenario, this particular venture of both the governments is looked after by the milk marketing board the livestock development department of the state of Kerala.

Frequently Asked Question on Mattupetty Dam (FAQ)

Question 1: Which is the nearest airport to the place of Mattupetty Dam?

Solution 1: The nearest airport present to the town of Mattupetty is the Cochin international airport which is present at an approximate distance of around 109 Kilometres from the dam of Mattupetty in the state of Kerala.

Question 2: How much water can be stored in the Mattupetty Dam present in the city of Munnar?

Solution 2: The Mattupetty dam present in the city of Munnar has a capacity of storing around 56 million cubic liters of water in its catchment area of around 106 kilometers square.


In this article, we have tried to cover everything about the Mattupetty dam present in the city of Munnar in the state of Kerala.

We have covered the history of the dam, the adventure sports which are organized in the dam and also the story related to the cattle farm present near the dam. We hope that you would have liked our article. Keep reading and keep sharing.

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