Kolukkumalai – Tourism Guide India 2021

Kolukkumalai:- With the passage of every second and every minute, the world is evolving and changing rapidly in terms of technology, media, food, drinks, relations, and every other segment.

In similar terms, the taste of the tourists which are present all around the globe is also changing.

They are now moving toward finding the destinations which not only offer them mental peace but are visually appealing, physically relaxing and also provides the tourists with a wholesome eating experience which they can remember for a long period.

All these above demands of the tourists not only from India but from all around the globe is easily catered by the south Indian region.

South India – Paradise for Tourists

The region of south India is a paradise for the food and tea lovers as various tea plantations and gardens are available in different states of Kerala.

The tea lovers from all around the globe come and visit these tea gardens and enjoy freshly prepared tea from the harvested tea leaves. Special tea process making tours are also organized for these tourists by various tea gardens.

In this article, we would be covering about Kolukkumalai, which is one to the world’s most famous place in terms of its scenic beauty and the wonderful tea gardens which are present there.

Stay with us till the end of the article as we would be covering all the facts and information about the beautiful place of Kolukkumalai along with some most frequently asked queries of the tourists from all around the world.

Kolukkumalai Know How

The Kolukkumalai is a wonderful and mesmerizing place located near the city of Munnar in the state of Kerala in the southern part of India.

This beautiful place is famous all around the world for having the highest tea plantation from the mean sea level. The region of Kolukkumalai has beautiful tea gardens and tea plantations at an amazing height of around 7900 feet above the mean sea level.

Without any dispute and confusion, the destination Kolukkumalai is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places located in the city of Munnar.

The production and the harvesting of the tea leaves began somewhere in the early years of the 19th century in Kolukkumalai.

It is very well connected by the nearby towns and cities by the means of buses and local cab services offered by the state tourism department of Kerala.

Location of Kolukkumalai

beautiful view from Kolukkumalai

The beautiful destination Kolukkumalai is located in a small village named Bodinayakanur. It is present in the state of Tamil Nadu but shares its border with the Idukki district, which is a part of the state of Kerala.

Kolukkumalai is located almost at a distance of 31.5 Kilometres from the main city of Munnar. The hills of Kolukkumalai area little steep and also have drenches in between which are muddy.

So, the only way to reach the top of this beautiful place is by using the jeeps which have big strong tyres and which does not get stuck in the mud puddle.

Cochin international airport is not very far from this beautiful place. The distance of the airport is around 132 Kilometres from Kolukkumalai.

A speciality of Kolukkumalai Tea

The tea which is produced at the great heights of Kolukkumalai in the city of Munnar is famous all around the world for some of its unique features that are not present in the tea of any other brand.

kolukkumalai tea

These unique features are listed below:

  • No chemicals or Pesticides Used: The first and the most unique feature of the tea which is produced in Kolukkumalai is that it is completely natural as no chemicals or fertilizers come in contact with the tea leaves. The pristine leaves give an amazing flavor to the tea which other brands cannot imitate or offer to the tea lovers.
  • High Altitude: As the altitude becomes higher, the quality of the tea also becomes good. This is because, at the high altitude, the atmospheric pressure is just in the right mix which is most suited for the growth of tea leaves.
  • Top Quality Caffeine: Apart from the tea, very high-quality caffeine is also produced in the hills of Kolukkumalai. This caffeine is said to have high medicinal properties and has a healing effect on the mind of the consumer.

Tea Garden Tours in Kolukkumalai

tea garden tours in kolukkumalai

Various tea garden tours are organized for the tourists which come to this beautiful place from all around the globe.

The department of tourism of the states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu organizes various special tours that are headed by experts who are working in the tea factory from the past many years in Kolukkumalai.

These tours are of 1 to 2 hours in duration and cover all the ins and outs of the tea making process in this place.

The tourists also get a chance to taste the freshly prepared tea from the factory outlet which gives an exotic experience to the visitors.

The visitors can get hands-on experience in the tea making process and can even click pictures with the workers.

Timings of Kolukkumalai Tea Garden and Estate

The tea gardens and estates are open almost every day for the tourists. The tea garden opens every day at around 11 in the morning and closes around 8 in the evening.

Various packages are available for the tourists to spend their night in this beautiful place. The packages include campfires, barbeques, tea garden tour, mountain climbing, and a night stay.


A lot of doubts are present in the minds of the tourists. Some of the most frequently asked question and doubts regarding the beautiful place of Kolukkumalai and its offerings are listed bellows:

Question 1: What is the average price of the tea found in Kolukkumalai?

Solution 1: The average price of the tea which is found in the region of Kolukkumalai is around Rupees 199/- per 250 grams of the pure tea leaves.

Question 2: What is the average cost of spending a day in Kolukkumalai?

expenditure in kolukkumalai

Solution 2: The normal expense which one has to incur for spending a day in Kolukkumalai is around Rupees 1500/- per head which includes tour, dinner, and a one-night stay.


The main aim of writing this article is to provide our readers with the best information about the Kolukkumalai region.

We have tried to cover the features of Kolukkumalai, the opening, and closing timing along with the special features of the tea offered at this place. We hope that you would have liked this article.

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