Top 10 Idukki Tourist Places from Munnar Guide

The hill station of Munnar isn’t renowned simply because of the precarious moving slopes, there is a lot to reveal about this wonderful spot on earth.

Hills in Munnar are spread over with delightful tea ranches, any place you see, you will discover this place giving a live declaration about its magnificence and appeal.

Idukki district in Munnar is popular for having the best and most excellent tea gardens, waterfalls, and other viewpoints that are beautiful and not to be missed surely.

Let’s discover together the top Idukki tourist places that should be on your itinerary if you are planning to visit Munnar soon.

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary kerala india
              Idukki Wildlife SanctuaryScattered over an area of 60 sq. km, the Idukki Nature Preserve is one of the famous caller places in Idukki. Decided at a stature of 450 to 748 meters, the preserve includes the forest area amid the Cheruthoni and Periyar watercourses and is some typical usual environs for a few types of faunas.   Counting a pleasing river around the port, the whole part is safeguarded by humid, and ageless trees.   This is one of the most well-known Idukki tourist places.
                    Gavi ValleysGavi, one of the most delightful places in India is a quiet town in the midst of the tea homes and thick backwoods.   This spot is known for its rich green environment. The valley is almost 14km from the Periyar Tiger standby and is identified for its captivating lands and wildlife. This is without any second thought amongst other Idukki tourist places. Morning rides are mainstream here where you will look at the brilliant perspectives on the tea fields. The spot is known for its inclination and pulls in many experience seekers from around the globe consistently.
            Hill View ParkSituated not more than 1Km from the Idukki Dam, Hill View Park is one of the well-known tourist spots in Idukki that offers beautiful perspectives on the whole scene. While wild animals are normally found here, the 7 acres of land of this area offer tempting open doors for sailing too.
          Idukki Arch DamDeveloped over the 2 adjoining hills, the Idukki Arch Dam stands at a height of around 500 ft.   Perceived as the world’s second and Asia’s first curve dam, the enormous Idukki Dam can be seen in the entirety of its brilliance on the Periyar stream.   The characteristic quality surrounding the dam is stunning and is one of the most famous Idukki tourist places.
          Kullamavu DamIn case you’re a climbing or trekking lover, Kulamavu is clearly heaven for you. It is a hill station known for offering the best view and landscapes throughout seasons. With some stunning trekking trails, this spot is additionally attractive with a similarly charming environment. Do check with locals before heading to this exciting place.
Thommankuthu Waterfalls munnar idukki kerala india
              Thommankuthu WaterfallsThe Thommankuthu Waterfalls situated a good way off of 25 km from the town, is one of the notable spots to visit in Idukki. This waterfall has a terrace-like arrangement, where one can see big pools of water. It is a standout amongst other Idukki tourist places as you are near to nature trying hands-on adventurous sports. This is among the most entrancing cascades in Kerala.
              Calvary Mount View PointOf the numerous Idukki tourist places to visit, the Calvary Mount is an unquestionable place to visit. It is one of the most wonderful tourist destinations in Idukki. It offers delightful viewpoints on the stunning passage that extends from the entire belt of the region that is in Idukki Your visit to the place is a feeling of the void without visiting the Calvary Mount Viewpoint. This spot is surrounded by excellent homestays in Idukki offering an ideal get-away.
              Ramakkalmedu View PointAn excellent tourist place surrounded with green hills all around. Ramakkalmedu is looked at as a place to admire as it offers beautiful trails. The site on the slope is the most elevated point right now and can be reached by a little trek of 3.5 km from the start point.   This is probably the best Idukki tourist place
              Keezharkuthu WaterfallsMuch Famous as the Rainbow Waterfalls. Keezharkuthu Waterfalls delivers lovely familiarity as it streams downcast since a stature of above 1400 meters. Viewed as one of the well-known Idukki tourist places, it happens to be a perfect spot adventurous activities and trekking. This is perhaps the best spot to visit in Idukki.
              Mangla Devi TempleMangala Devi Temple is a noteworthy holy place in the Idukki region and is situated close to the outskirts of Tamil Nadu. It sits at an elevation of 1337 meters over the sea level. This site is famous among travelers and devotees the same. The preserve is devoted to Deity Mangala Devi. It’s part and the uneven old assembly brands it one of the greatest attractive Idukki visitor spaces.

Final Verdict Idukki Tourist Places

It is critical to comprehend that the previously mentioned article gives us a thought of the famous tourist places in the Idukki district of Munnar, why it is renowned, and what is the historical background of the same.

Idukki has consistently been acclaimed as its relationship with nature. Without visiting this spot, the outing to Munnar will be incomplete.

Idukki is well known for these impressive wonders and climatic conditions. The places here are so mesmerizing that one will fall in love with these places.

Despite the fact that this spot is extremely well known among visitors, we have attempted to show you by bringing genuine excellence at this spot.

We trust that you have enjoyed this article and the above bits of knowledge on the Idukki tourist places and its well-known history would draw your consideration and you would visit these places on your Munnar trip.

Additionally, pay special mind to different regions in Munnar, on which we will reveal insight and give all the applicable data. So stay tuned and continue reading our posts for all the more such brilliant insights regarding Munnar.

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