Cochin to Munnar – Best way to Travel & Duration 2020

Do you feel tired of reading several articles on Cochin to Munnar, but don’t find the right information about the route between Cochin and Munnar and much more?

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We will resolve your every query in this important guide that covers everything you need to know about Cochin to Munnar, what the best way of travel is and how much time it takes from Cochin to reach Munnar.

Why travel from Cochin to Munnar?

Cochin to Munnar route is by far the greatest and beautiful route amongst many routes in India. One is amazed by seeing the picturesque scenery in this route, which makes them remember this journey for a long time.

People try to find a break from their monotonous life and want to seek some peace or experience adventure that draws there attention to go to hill stations and Munnar is one amongst those beautiful Hill Stations.

Mention the Cochin to Munnar Distance?

Cochin to Munnar distance by road is 126 Kms, It takes almost 4 hours to reach from Cochin to Munnar. One can take a cab or board a bus from there to reach Munnar.

Cochin to Munnar by Taxi

Cochin to Munnar By Taxi

One can easily reach Munnar from Cochin by taking a taxi either from the Ernakulum railway station or the Cochin airport.

These cabs ply between Cochin to Munnar at a very affordable rate and most of them travel at a fixed rate, which you can directly book from the prepaid taxi counter near the railway station or airport

Cochin Airport to Munnar is 116 Kms. Hence if you are looking to reach Munnar from Cochin, then the nearest airport is the Cochin airport from where you can travel by road to Munnar.

Cochin to Munnar by Bus

Cochin to Munnar by Bus

One can easily travel to Munnar from Cochin by taking a bus either from the Ernakulum railway station or the Bus depot.

These buses travel between Cochin to Munnar at a very cheaper price and most of them travel at a standard rate, which you can directly book from the bus counter and board the bus.

Cochin to Munnar by Train

One cannot directly travel to Munnar from Cochin by taking a train, as no trains ply between these cities.

The next-door railway junction to Munnar is in the very popular Aleuva. The easiest way to travel is to reach a major railway station like Ernakulum and then take a taxi or book it from the prepaid counter, and travel without much hassle.

Are there Breath-taking Views in the route from Cochin to Munnar?

Breathtaking view of Munnar

Yes, indeed there are numerous such breath-taking views on the route from Cochin to Munnar. The entire journey from Cochin to Munnar has a vivid impression of the mountains and valleys in the middle.

To some extent, the adventure will end, but you will feel that you are not enough. It’s a bit foggy and a bit gloomy here with a pleasant climate. The scenery here is beautiful.

It is only a 4-hour drive through the beautiful hillsides of Kerala, where it is covered with rich, dense green forests, and the highest point of the hillside is covered with beautiful mist.

During travel, you have the opportunity to see some steps, some very far, some very close. In the end, one can spot a beautiful waterfall. The water there is completely clear and white.

One feels to stay there forever and hear the water falling from the waterfall that looks beautiful and finding peace.

You can make a stop at this place take some clicks and then again resume your journey back to Munnar.

What is so special about Spice Gardens on the way from Cochin to Munnar?

When you approach Munnar, you will encounter the Spice Garden. These gardens are planted with plants and trees of almost all flavors of India. Besides, it also has unique healing and self-esteem plants.

There is no compelling reason to mention that Kerala is world-renowned for its flavour and its oil.

There is a guide on the site of Flavour Garden. He will help you walk around the site and get information about unique healing plants and flavours, this is an extraordinary experience!

There is also a shop inside the green fence where you can buy healing oils, hair oils, and cleansers, seasoning bags, etc. made from eucalyptus and different plants.

All these experiences make Spice Gardens very special among tourists who travel from Cochin to Munnar.

How is the Climate at Munnar once you reach?

Beautiful Climate of Munnar

After starting the flavor garden, make a straight line for Munnar. The whole trip could be easily completed within a time slot of 4 hours. As you travel from Cochin to Munnar, the climate is changing more and more.

It became gradually cloudy and the weather near the hillside became colder. On the mountain streets, hover past, through the green fields, and you will arrive at the hotel after this revival without much tiring adventure!

You will like the weather at the Munnar, it is a bit colder and a lot pleasant as you may not find such weather in cities.

Cities nowadays are mostly polluted and it is difficult to find such a pleasant climate anywhere.

Final Verdict

It is extremely important to understand that the above-mentioned article gives a gist of Cochin to Munnar route.

Munnar is a beautiful place that should be visited once in life as you can get abreast of its rich culture and the beautiful landscapes of this place.

Planning your travel can now be reduced as we have ensured in this article to shed light on all the essential things to consider when you are making your travel plans to Munnar.

This article is providing you all related details hence, you don’t need to worry much, just pack your belongings and get prepared for travel and relish this place. We hope that you have liked this article and the above insights on the Cochin to Munnar route and other information about the same would have proven worthy to you.

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