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Munnar Weather

about munnar weather

The weather of God’s own country Munnar is tourist-friendly almost throughout the year except for two months.

The city, as it is situated in the state of Kerala, experiences heavy rainfall in July and August almost every year. So, only these two months are not suitable from the tourism point of view.

  • Summer Season

The summer season in Munnar starts in April and then goes on till the end of June.

The temperatures during the summer season are not very hot but still one has to stay hydrated all the time if he or she is visiting this tourist place during this season.

  • Monsoon Season

The monsoon season in the city starts from July and then end somewhere in the latter part of August.

The rainfall during the span of these two months is very heavy and it is difficult to visit this place from a tourism point of view.

As various landscapes are present in these places, traveling becomes difficult due to excess water and damp patches formed everywhere in the region.

  • Best Suitable Season

The best and the most suitable time to visit the city of Munnar is from September to the ending days of March.

This span of 7 months is the best suited time for planning or visiting this city. Various travel packages and services are active during this period which offers lucrative offers and packages to the tourists.

The weather is very pleasant throughout these seven months in this place. One can plan a vacation with their family, or can also come on a romantic honeymoon trip during this season.

Munnar Temperature

The temperature of the city of Munnar varies from season to season. The tourist season which starts from September and ends in March is generally pleasant and friendly.

The monsoon season which lies in July and August every year is slightly cooler.

The summer season which starts from April and ends in June every year is comparatively hot and warm.

The following table will give you a glimpse of the average temperatures in this city throughout the year.

MonthAvg Min Temperature (°C)Avg Max Temperature (°C)

Munnar Sightseeing

munnar location map

Various beautiful and mesmerizing places are available in Munnar for sightseeing. Some of the most famous ones are as follows:

  • Echo Point
The Echo Point munnar

The Echo Point is a wonderful sightseeing point located in the vicinity of the quaint lake. This point is covered with lush green trees and forests.

It is located at a height of 600 feet and is around 15-kilo meters away from this city.

  • Atukkad Waterfalls
Atukkad waterfalls munnar

The Atukkad waterfalls are present only 2-kilo meters away from the city of Munnar. This waterfall gives an overview of the complete city of the region.

These waterfalls are covered with lush greens leaves and the water flows between them which makes the view mesmerizing and even more pleasing to the eye.

  • Top Station
Top Station is the highest point situated in the city of Munnar

The Top Station is the highest point situated in the city of Munnar. It is located around 32-kilo meters away from the main city of the region, somewhere near the Kerala and the Tamil Nadu border.

The Top Station is located at a height of around 1700 meters which makes the view more mesmerizing as one can see the complete view of the Western Ghats and the Theni district present in Tamil Nadu.

Munnar Resorts

munnar resorts

As Munnar experiences a huge chunk of tourists throughout the year, thus it has various resorts present in the city with every type of facility and affordable prices. Some of the best resorts present in this region are as follows:

1. Elixir Hill Resort and Spa

This resort is one of the best resorts present in Munnar. It provides all the facilities related to the spa and massages.

2. Parakkat Nature Resort

The Parakkat nature resort is something that will make you feel closer to nature and trees. Located between lush green forest, it provides all the basic amenities with completely affordable prices.

3. Deshadan Mountain Resort

The Deshadan Mountain Resort is present on one of the highest peaks present in this place. It gives a pleasing view to the eyes of the tourist and has the facility of 24 hours hot running water. Some of the other good resorts which one can consider when visiting the city of the region are Tea Harvester, The Regalia Munnar, Windermere Estate, The Fog Munnar, Tea Valley Resorts, Chandy’s Windy Woods, Munnar Tea Country Resort and The Leaf Munnar.