Sightseeing Spots Munnar – Everything you Need to Know 2020

Kerala makes a very beautiful place to visit for all tourists that are on their wish list.

These places are located in the Western Ghats at an excelling height of 5,900ft, this majestic hill station is candid heaven for travelers from unpredictable experiences.

These mesmerizing hills and valleys in Munnar are so picturesque that one feels to be in the lap of nature all the time.

Season, weather, or whatever it is, the beauty of Munnar cannot be described in words properly as this place’s beauty is spellbound.

What’s more, to make your holiday progressively fun-skip and noteworthy, here we are providing our curated list of 10 most sightseeing spots to visit in Munnar.

        Lock Heart Gap MunnarThis place has a shape that resembles a bolted heart making it a sightseeing spot.   Offering some of the beautiful views spanning across those lush green fields and taking your eyes off from the lock heart gap is very difficult.   The sight from the topmost part of the hilltop during dusks is an absolute necessity to see.
Lock Heart Gap sightseeing places near munnar kerala india
          Chokramudi Peak MunnarChokramudi Peak sightseeing places near munnar kerala indiaChokramudi Peak is probably the most noteworthy top in Munnar as its height spans over 7000 ft.    This place gives a marvelous perspective on the encompassing valleys and mountains that looks like a blanket of greenery.   Step out of your vehicle, look around and get spellbound by the beauty of this place
              Life of Pi (Mt.Carmel) ChurchDid you have a chance to see this sightseeing spot known as Mount Carmel Church in Munnar?   Most of the people are unaware of the thought that this beautiful church has been framed in the Life of Pi, Oscar-nominated movie. Truly, you heard right.   This famous and oldest catholic church has been filmed for some parts of the films.    Following the huge accomplishment of the film, Mount Carmel Church began picking up prominence as the ‘Life of Pi Church’.
              Cheeyapara Waterfalls MunnarChheyappara Waterfalls sightseeing places near munnar kerala india
While traveling down on the highway, one can take a detour to visit this mesmerizing waterfalls.   With water streaming down in seven ways, Cheeyapara Waterfalls is around 40km from Munnar and is an unquestionable sightseeing spot while visiting the hill station.   A fortune trove for nature likers, the cascade likewise fills in as a perfect spot to go through fun occasions with loved ones.   Trekkers and explorers discover this spot an all-around flawless goal to unwind the plentiful excellence of Kerala.
          Lakkom Waterfalls MunnarLakkom waterfall originates from the higher hill and flows down running in the Pambar lake.   Even though the highest point of the waterfall isn’t open, tourists can make it to its base and devour its mysterious magnificence.   Making it an eye drooling scene and a beautiful sightseeing spot.
                Messapulimala MunnarMessapulimala Munnarsightseeing places near munnar kerala india
The second most elevated top in Southern India, Meesapulimala stands raised at a height of 8560 feet above ocean level.   The thickly secured landscape has eight pinnacles that together look like a mustache and is, in this manner, called Meesapulimala.      And for those who don’t might still not find it an apt sightseeing place, UNESCO mentions it as a heritage site.
          Floriculture Center MunnarSightseeing at Munnar is incomplete until you don’t find yourself near a blossomed place.   Against the scenery of tea manors, you will locate a very much manicured garden called Floriculture Center.   The recreation center highlights a huge assortment of blossoms and some natural plants kept up by the Kerala Forest Development Corporation.
          Pallivasal Waterfalls MunnarPallivasal Falls is a staggering common water body amidst thick forestation.   It is well known as an outing and touring fascination in Munnar and draws nature sweethearts for soul-fulfilling nature strolls.   The cascade falls down a rough slant and doesn’t exactly have tallness yet the power it spouts with makes certain to enamor everyone.
          Kuthumkal Waterfalls MunnarKuthumkal Waterfalls is arranged 20.5 km from the Rajakkada area in Munnar.    The cascades are a well-known excursion spot in the area and gloat of charming atmosphere and entrancing water falling down an extensive range from a precipice.   One can likewise get a wonderful perspective on the sightseeing spot found close by.
          Pallivasal Tea Garden MunnarPallivasal Tea Garden sightseeing places near munnar kerala india
Pallivasal Tea Garden is arranged a couple of km away on the edges of Munnar in the town of a similar name.   The tea gardens are known for their safe houses like magnificence and excellent glades of tea ranches.   From these nurseries, you can likewise observe the Sahya mountain extend in the area making it worth a visit for sightseeing.

The time required to complete these places are as per your comfort and choice, However, I can say paying 1-2 hours visit at these places will be more than enough and one can truly enjoy the beauty of these places.

If you take a proper sightseeing package, you will get to visit these places and make a lot of memories as these places are a testimonial for its beauty and amazing landscapes.

Final Word for Sightseeing

It is basic to grasp that the recently referenced article gives us an idea of the popular sightseeing spot in Munnar, why it is famous, and what is the purpose behind looking about the equivalent.

Munnar has reliably been tremendously appreciated as its relationship with nature. Without visiting these spots, the movement to Munnar simply doesn’t offer justice to its legacy.

Munnar is notable for these surprising marvels and climatic conditions. The sightseeing here is exciting to the point that one will begin to look all starry eyed at these spots.

Although this sightseeing is exceedingly notable among visitors, we have attempted to show you by passing on real greatness in these places.

We believe that you would be pleased in this article and the above bits of information on the sightseeing put close Munnar will assist you with looking out the arrangements properly.

Furthermore, pay occasional visits to different zones in Munnar, on which we will uncover its history and give all the fitting truths of those places. So stay tuned and keep understanding our posts for even more such magnificent experiences for Munnar.

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